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Educational Collections Oral Techniques Guides to Positions Help Achieving Orgasms Erectile Disfunction Sex Over 40 Guides to Alternative Sex
Special Recommendations is a leading provider of sexual education and health products for adults who wish to improve the quality of sex and intimacy in their relationships.

We've gathered an extensive library of videos and other products that address every sexual topic from sexual positions to erectile dysfunction.

Our videos allow individuals to learn about sexual topics in the privacy of their own home in a format endorsed and recommended by therapists.

Our products were created by a diverse team of professional sexual educators and therapists. Our goal is to offer the best products to foster communication and creativity between partners.

Buy Featured BSE Video & Educational Products on VHS or DVD, Today!
  Educational video collections:
    Video Collection Volume #1
    Video Collection Volume #2
    Video Collection Volume #3
    Video Collection Volume #4
    Oral Techniques: Male/Female 2-Pack
    Quit Fumbling In Bed: 5-part Series
    The Karma Sutra & The Perfumed Garden
    Erotic Massage Styles: 3-Pack
    How To Blow His Mind: 2-Pack
Guides to postions & techniques:
    Exploring the Karma Sutra Vol #1
    Exploring the Karma Sutra Vol #2
    Exploring the Karma Sutra Vol #3
    Oral Sex Techniques: Male Eddition
    Oral Sex Techniques: Female Eddition
    A Guide to Sexual Massage
    A Guide to Swedish Massage
    An Anal Guide: You want to put it where?
    Role-playing & Fantasy in the Bedroom
Specialized sexual solutions:
    Making Love with Physical Limitations
    A Guide to Sex Over 50
    Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction
    How to Achieve an Orgasm
    Eliminating Premature Ejaculation
    How to Overcome Sexual Hang-ups
    After the Affair: Rebuilding Intimacy
    Recovering From Rape: A Victom's Guide
    Recovering From Rape: A Partner's Guide
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    Sex Dictionary
    Sex Encyclopedia
    Sexual Dysfunction
    Sex Articles
    Sex & Health
    Research Studies

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